Tokyo- Day 11 & 12

And so we conclude our story.

DAY 11: The day I saw flolavin

We started the day with some sushi at Akihabara (I love wasabi) and spent the whole afternoon there before heading to our evening live show at Twin Box Garage at 17:45.


There were about 25 people inside the live venue; I’m glad I was wearing a long sleeved shirt on such a hot day because it was rather cold in there because of air conditioning.

The groups were all very entertaining but I was waiting for flolavin, as I had promised to Hida Mary earlier. I’m lucky I got to see them during this trip because I had learnt about this live only when I arrived in Japan. It was a last minute thingie. Before that, they had planned a live at Yokohama late in the evening but we had figured out it would be complicated to attend it, so I had almost given up when I stumbled upon this piece of news! I was very happy.

flolavin were great on stage! I loved seeing them and cheering on them. They had this cute princess aesthetic and it felt so refreshing.

I was surprised to see so many people in line during the product sales! I bought one of their shirts because the design was really cute and featured all active and past members, but also their CD which allowed me to get a random official picture. Our reservation privilege allowed us to take two selfies so I took one with Mary and the other one with my oshi Fumika —actually, this was a misplay because I intended to take the second selfie with Kanamin so I could keep my cheki for Fumika but… my heart spoke before my brain! Which means I don’t have any picture with Kanamin and I still feel bad about that. I wanted to have a picture with everyone but I failed. I’m still glad to got to talk to Fumika a little more, though. She is so sweet. I really just wanted to meet everyone but couldn’t afford more cheki tickets, sadly.

Now that I’m looking back, I’m very grateful for this moment. As you may know (or not), flolavin disbanded later this year. At least, I got to see them once!

Thank you, flolavin!

DAY 12: Tokyo by night

The day before we left Japan, we decided to head to Asakusa in the morning. I knew the place was a must-see for most people but I really didn’t expect it to be so crowded. We took a quick look at the beautiful monuments but didn’t get closer to the Sensō-ji temple. Instead, we walked along the surrounding streets; which helped me feel less overwhelmed.

Someone I know visited the area shortly after the sun rise. The place was empty. Sounds like a nice idea, if you ask me.

We met a friend later this day and spent most of the afternoon together. It was a very casual visit since we mostly entered shops and stores and talked a lot. I took quite a lot of pictures, though as you may have noticed I usually don’t.

We then ate dinner at a Yakiniku restaurant in Akihabara (inside the building with the little cow on the top, as you can see below.)


Well, this was a first for me! I rather enjoyed it and there was plenty of choice.


Once we were done, we ended our day with a small walk.


Our friend wanted to show us a very special place and it looked peaceful at night.

And what a better way to end this trip than on a sweet note? I got a taiyaki at a place that also sold magikarp taiyaki (though I only ate the regular one) and tasted this delicious red bean paste one last time.


Oh, sweet red bean paste. I miss you.

Oh, Tokyo. I’ll be back.

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