Tokyo- Day 9 & 10

Food is a very good reason to travel; I’m pretty sure most of you won’t say otherwise. I haven’t tried as many dishes as I would have loved to while in Japan but hopefully I will have other chances to do so. Can you believe I haven’t even had ramen? Here’s the explanation: my husband has a very sensitive stomach… so I spared him unknown restaurants. But next time, I’ll try to think a bit more about mine!

DAY 9: First time at the Budokan

The next day, we finally ate our first curry in Japan; I was looking forward to this moment! We went to Go!Go!Curry in Akihabara before going on errands… mostly for my husband, looking for various goods and hesitating while looking at the Fate/Grand Order Duel game —which he eventually did not buy. The curry tasted extremely good and it was the first time I ate it with red bell peppers. I should do that again some time. We took the same, a regular one, he found it spicy but I didn’t.


Later this day, we headed to the Budokan for Wada Ayaka’s last live with ANGERME. What a huge live venue! We had some trouble finding the right entrance but once we found it, everything went very smoothly. We had an awesome view thanks to our very good seats. And what a show! I can hardly describe how it made me feel; just know that I’m glad I was able to attend this concert.


Everything was perfect: the stage, the music, the performance, the outfits and the atmosphere. I liked being seated for a concert and I liked seeing this ocean of glowsticks inside the Budokan. I still know very little about Hello!Project and yet I was completely amazed. Katsuna Rina caught my attention —she announced her graduation a little while after we came back. Not to mention that BEYOOOOOND’s performance also blew my mind. At this moment, I didn’t know yet I would end up being a fan! It was very emotional and we both got teary eyes by the end of the show.

We also saw some other Idols around us; it was quite fun to spot them. What a small world we live in!


DAY 10: Casual sightseeing

The next day we tried to attend a third GANG PARADE live show in the morning (for the release of THE MUSIC AND THE GAME CREATES MAGIC); it was free if you showed the Line Music app but we didn’t fulfill all conditions so we couldn’t participate. Fortunately we had other plans: we had a walk in Shibuya and saw Watanabe’s shop and a quiet temple right next to it.


We ate pork and then we headed to Harajuku (once more) to have our dessert at Marion Crêpe. Number 90 again, obviously. You know I love this sweet red bean paste.


Since the trip was close to its end, I decided to shop a bit and got something fancy at Listen Flavor, a Japanese brand which I’ve always liked a lot. We then visited a part of Yoyogi Park to get some fresh air.

parc yoyogi.png

We returned to the hotel earlier than the days before but it was nice to relax a bit.

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