Tokyo- Day 7 & 8

Whether you’re traveling or not, a good night of sleep is always important. Hey, look; I’m not saying this to justify all the time I’ve spent sleeping while in Japan… it’s just that I needed it. Now that I look back to our trip, we clearly liked chilling in the morning. Nothing wrong with that, uh? Especially when it allows you to be at your best for every afternoon that awaits you. Be kind to yourself.

DAY 7: Everything was GANG PARADE

And GANG PARADE was my everything.

It was late afternoon when we departed from the hotel. We went to Kabukicho for a GANG PARADE live show. The place was quite easy to find since there were many people wearing the group’s shirt in the surroundings, but they seemed twice as much once we entered the underground live venue. It was crowded and lively; we stood in the back, close to the fans who were filming the show. We were among the last ones to enter; the event started shortly after that. This time we had our LED bracelets which made it even more entertaining.

But… well, I was shaken by panic when some people rushed to the stage and created a huge crowd movement, and it lasted throughout the rest of the concert because I didn’t want to ruin my husband’s dreamtime by reaching out for help. He eventually noticed and comforted me; it got better for the encore, and I think most people just thought I was really emotional.

I know that GANG PARADE is amazing. Next time I’ll be better.

DAY 8: Dear Spiele was a lot of fun

Dear Spiele.png

The following day started at Nihonbashi as we arrived at our third Pokemon store for a quick visit of the Pokemon Center DX; I believe this was the biggest one we have seen.

We then headed to a board game café named Dear Spiele, near Nakano Broadway, to spend the rest of the day with the kind translator that had helped us to communicate with Rameru on our second day. The store was filled with a large range of games and decorated with a lot of taste; every player’s dream. We decided to start with Machi Koro since she had never played to this Japanese game. After that we picked a popular game named Azul (the one pictured above) which was very fun; we gave her the choice for the last pick.

She chose Photome’s, an exclusive game published by Dear Spiele itself. It was based on team work: each player had its own list of elements, which could be for example a cat, a dog or a bird. Some had to be displayed, and others not. There were panels with these said elements, and we had to place them carefully during our turns to match everyone’s needs. In the end, each of us took a picture of our side that had to feature the elements on our lists (see below.)

Dear Speile2.png

I did myself a favour and got a milk tea there, but also a delicous tapioca tea to spare me the lines I had seen outside in front the various tea shops. I bought a game before leaving and we headed to our next stop: Nakano Broadway. She taught us the history of the building and showed us the deserted floors, with many closed stores. But we also went through various clothing and goodies stores, including Mandarake. We stayed together from 13:00 to 18:00, more or less.

Nakano Broadway.png

After that, it was time for dinner! We ate Guykatsu at Akihabara, and let me tell you that those sauces mixed together tasted awesome. A great way to end the day.

evening diner.png

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