Tokyo- Day 5 & 6

These two days were both very special in their own way. We got so much done in such a short time lapse! even if it doesn’t look like so. These days also mark the beginning of the cold I caught back in Tokyo; surprisingly not because of air conditioning like many other people, but humidity. You’ll understand why.

DAY 5: Let’s get professional

We got up pretty early to be fully prepared since we had an important meeting planned ahead! We went to the very classy Roppongi in the afternoon for an interview that took place on the 20th floor of a building. Impressing! When it was time to head back, some ohagi were being sold at the station so I bought a few based on their colours: yuzu, chocolate and coffee-like taste.

DAY 6: More live shows

I barely took any picture, so I apologize in advance.

It was a rainy day, so we had to carry our umbrellas with us; which partly explains why we missed the live venue TOGI BAR when we first went down the street (walking with your head down does no good.) Thankfully we found it on our second walk and I arrived on time around 10:30 for this birthday event in which many solo Idols took part (including Nanamori Suina, my favorite one.)

Nanamori Suina appeared among the fans soon after the show began. There were about 25 or 30 people, yet she greeted me right away. There was such a cool and relaxed atmosphere there, like everyone was somebody’s friend. It felt truly incredible to take part in this event. We were handed some sweets, and Suina kept cheering on other Idols.

When it was her turn to stand on the stage, I once again got pushed towards the scene. She smiled and reached out for me so I held her hand and immediately hoped no one would mind… Suina has so much energy! She is a ray of sunshine. I keep a really cheerful memory from her performance. I truly hope I was supportive enough!

The other performers were just as good. The product sales started around 02:00 and I was the first in line for Suina. I asked for a CD and a cheki, but also got to take a picture of her with my phone.

Suina said she was happy I could make it and asked if I enjoyed the performance; I said it was great and that she is super cute. She then asked about my « boyfriend » and said he was « ikemen » and they proceeded to talk a bit. Later on Suina complimented my outfit and held my hands for a long time. I wish I had worked harder on my Japanese! There were so many things I wanted to say, but when she told me « daisuki! » I felt like the most important had already been conveyed. I answered « watashimo » and she looked both surprised and happy.

It was so hard to let her go after that! We kept smiling all along.

However, we had to hurry up to the hotel to fix some details before going to the Yatsui Festival. Bad timing! We ended up being late and missed a few artists such as EMPiRE, WAgg and lyrical school. Fortunately, we still had GANG PARADE to see inside duo MUSIC EXCHANGE. We arrived earlier and caught the last part of Philosophy no Dance’s performance (they are really entertaining!) and when their set ended, we tried to get closer to the stage but ended up in the middle, the back of our feet against the stairs.

Now, I only have one word to define GANG PARADE’s live: energy. Indeed, what an energy! I felt a special emotion seeing them on stage. GANG PARADE is powerful. I almost fell during Plastic 2 Mercy (because of the said stairs on which I tripped) but it was a fun experience regardless.

At the end of the setlist, we rushed to buy CDs and agreed on a couple cheki with COCO. Two japanese fans translated the signs for us since we were about to get in the wrong lane (the one for group cheki.) We were waiting at the top of the building and though it wasn’t raining anymore it was still very humid. I didn’t even think of putting on a coat over my shirt.

COCO remembered us but we got very little time to speak. Her smile was worth it, though.

We bought a LED bracelet for each of us and went back to the hotel, still excited from this incredible day. I started coughing later this evening and had a runny nose until our very last day in Japan —and long after we came back home.

Don’t be like me!

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