Tokyo- Day 4

Not all days spent in Tokyo were as intense as the one before. There are many ways to chill and relax in this big city, starting with the Ueno zoo; a most ingenious pick to face any hot weather. If you are as sensitive to high temperatures as I am, you better be careful with your choice of activities! Get this fresh air while you can and avoid sunny, crowded streets.

DAY 4: Ueno zoo and Harajuku

Ueno Zoo.png

We didn’t have anything planned so we took our time to reach Ueno. I am no zoo enthusiastic but my husband really wanted to visit it with me, so we eventually bought tickets after getting the Yatsui Festival ones in advance at a konbini —let’s keep this story for next time.

The area is rather peaceful early in the morning and if you like pandas, you will certainly enjoy the Ueno station. Speaking of which, I’m glad I got my fill of cuteness there because you had to queue for a long time inside the zoo to get a chance to see the pandas.

The zoo itself is bigger than what I expected and there is a lot of greenery. I was really surprised to stumble upon this huge green area that seemed to appear in front of us just like a dream!

At this time, you could take the Ueno zoo monorail to get from one part to another, but I heard it has been suspended in the meantime. I preferred looking at it come and go from the outside because I had never seen a suspended railway like this one before.

Once we were done, we headed to Ikebukuro to visit the second Pokémon Center on our list. I had a strong headache but I managed to enjoy every part of it: the Sanrio Gift Gate, the Sunshine City shopping center…


On the way back we went to Shinjuku’s Village Vanguard because they had a special Hamtaro collection but the items I wanted were already sold out. We went to Harajuku instead and stopped at Marion Crêpe while there was no queue. Listen, I love sweets. I obviously had to try one of these. I asked for the strawberry, adzuki beans and matcha ice cream crêpe (it was number 90, in case anyone asks) and let me tell you that I tasted outstanding perfection. I love this sweet red bean paste so much! I miss it!


The main street was really crowded though, so we took another path before heading to La Forêt where I ended up buying a Nile Perch pin as a tribute to my japanese fashion appreciative younger self.

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