Tokyo- Day 3

And so we pursue a story of adventure; the day before had led us to a very cozy board game café in Shinjuku, the perfect place for a long-awaited meeting. Now let’s turn to the third day during which I got to attend my first Idol concert in Japan… right before the Taiyaki misunderstanding.

DAY 3: My first Idol show

We started our day with the visit of the Tokyo Skytree tower. I’ve always liked its mascot quite a lot but let’s be honest here, we mostly went there for the Pokémon Center —my husband and I had recently been very involved in the Pokémon card game so we were looking forward to those adorable and exclusive items.

Tokyo Skytree2

The suroundings were rather nice though we haven’t done much sightseeing in the area. I think I would like to come back, someday. Visiting the top of the tower wasn’t a part of our plan so we sticked to the basics and ended up finding the Kirby Café on our way; its front was lovely and it seemed to be very popular among all kind of people. I’m not a huge Kirby expert but the statues were very cute.

Then we went inside the Pokémon Center. I bought a Blissey plushy and guess what? I also got a Blissey sticker at the desk, which I believe means I would be lucky at gacha games. I’m onto something, right?

After that, it was time to head to my first live show in Japan! We went to Shibuya DESEO, a rather small underground live venue. There were about 20 or 25 people inside, but it was hard to tell since the product sales happened at the same time in another room. I attended the event for Kamatte Kami Dorōmu. only (it was a solo member type of live) but I ended up liking ange mignon as well since they turned out to be a cute Idol rock unit!

I arrived for 15:30 and Kamatte Kami Dorōmu. was on stage at 18:00. It was Maimai’s first solo event so she was very emotional.

Shibuya DESEOShibuya DESEO2

Maimai sang Rising Hope, ETERNAL BLAZE and Kamatte Deshita. This last song featured a slower part so my husband pushed me towards the scene and I did a little of wotagei… which I still don’t master to this day, but it was funny and I loved seeing how much it moved her.

Fun fact: a japanese photograph took pictures of this very moment and you can tell when I came forward because she is laughing through her tears. Precious memories, thank you mister.

I went to greet her right after for the product sales. You know, before we left for Japan I had this « one cheki rule » but since Kamatte Kami Dorōmu. didn’t have any other kind of merch to sell, I decided to take two cheki with Maimai to support her. While I was waiting, AILI from ange mignon talked to the both of us in English. We tried our best to interact a bit and I should have taken a cheki with her!

I was the first in line for Maimai and her manager (with whom I had talked over social networks) introduced us.

First of all, I told her about the emotional side of ETERNAL BLAZE. She gave me a long answer but I’m afraid I haven’t understood a single thing; thankfully, Maimai is talkative and saved me from my lack of vocabulary. I believe we talked about foreign dishes because then she said she would like to travel someday, but doesn’t have any passport. (Oh, yeah, at the start she thought I was American!)

I know I must have missed some information but I’m glad I have managed to understand all of this in the first place. Soon my turn came to an end; I talked with a fan I had met long ago when Atlantis Castle was still an active group. He confirmed to me that Kamashin’s manager was Hida Mary, from flolavin. I was so nervous (and happy) that I hadn’t fully recognized her… forgive me! So before I left, I catched her attention to tell her I intended to see flolavin before leaving.

Now that I’m thinking about it, there were two other girls attending the concert! One of them was foreign. I should have talked to her because she was on her own. I missed an important friendship opportunity there!

During the evening we went to look after the 300 yen BiSH album at HMV, Tsutaya and Tower Records but it had been sold out already. Not surprising, but at least we tried.


As for the Taiyaki misunderstanding: I ate a really, really delicious Taiyaki on the way back, but I was so tired that I asked the seller for a… Takoyaki… which is definitely not the same thing. I’m sorry mister. I won’t do it again.

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